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If you’re looking for a professional networking platform, LinkedIn is the social network for people who tolerate getting sent at least 5 unwanted emails a day. In all seriousness though, LinkedIn has over 30 million businesses represented on its platform, and over 650 million users; there’s a lot of opportunity to use that level of reach to market yourself in Kelowna.

It also means there’s the potential for a lot of eyes checking out your profile and updates. So what should you keep current? What are the crucial components of any solid LinkedIn profile? Learn more below . . .

Update Your Profile and Cover Photo

If you can’t meet someone physically, you wouldn’t want their first impression of you to be based on a bad picture, so don’t let it happen. If you’re handy enough with a camera (and maybe a little Photoshop) it’s worth it to get some professional shots for your profile. Potential employers and recruiters will be looking at your profile when you apply. Don’t set a bad profile pic and make a terrible first impression you can’t get back.

Also keep in mind, if you’re doing your own photography, LinkedIn will crop your photo to 80% its original size when it’s uploaded. You could also get photos done professionally if you want something taken in a studio or just done by a professional photographer. No matter who takes the photo or does the editing, having a shot from waist-up, shoulders-up, or a headshot are the best options. It’s difficult to see your picture on smaller devices if you do a full-body shot, so close-up pictures are the best.

In terms of your cover/background photo this is a bit more subjective and allows you to flex your creative muscles if you so desire. If you just want something simple, there are plenty of free stock images on sites like Pexels and Pixabay. We would recommend using something that aligns with your profession (or potential one if you’re seeking out a job) like a background of books if you’re looking for a job in writing or maybe a shot of mountains if you’re planning on working in the outdoors.

If you want to design your own background, Photoshop is a great tool, but on the simpler side you can also use tools like Canva to design your own in minutes. If you already have a job, you can also consider creating a more branded background, maybe even including a logo of the company (pending the company’s permission).

Update Your LinkedIn Summary

Writing can suck when you have to write about yourself, it’s not like you can just tell people you’d be great for the police force since you already fight crime at night as the “Slippery Shadow” (you’re still working on the name). It should be a micro story of either what you’re doing right now and why you’re doing it, or why you’re aspiring for the role you hope to attain, and why you’d be great at it (like a bite-sized cover letter). It can also be a great place to use a little humour, just be cautious as to how that humour could come across.

Plus, it doesn’t have to be too long, probably around 250 words or less—if you can make it even shorter and snappier, do so. People rarely spend time on content unless it grabs their attention immediately and keeps them engaged, especially if they’re rapidly checking out profiles.

Update Your Experience

This is the part most employers or recruiters will search out at if they haven’t already looked at your resume. Experience is everything, so make sure yours is up-to-date with your latest job and most recent position.

The experience section is also a great area to highlight media you worked on or were a part of. Pieces of work like videos or presentations you helped make/starred in/directed, photos of company accomplishments you helped achieve, etc. are all great to attach to your experience section. Just make sure to ask your past or current employer before posting anything. You wouldn’t want to end up in hot water for sharing your company’s top-secret burger recipe.

And just like that you’re on your way to maximizing your LinkedIn potential, sporting a profile worthy to show off at networking events. You can boost your profile even further by adding to the other profile sections like education, licenses and certifications, skills and endorsements, and accomplishments. Adding as much relevant detail to these can only boost your profile further and help you stand out that much more online.

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