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‘Refresh’ the Hope for the Nations’ brand to bring it more in line with the organization’s direction and goals while still maintaining its sense of experience and history.

A Fresh New Look

The HOPE team wanted to see an update to their existing brand and messaging that conveyed their mission, key messages, and corporate values. An ideation session was undertaken to help define a new elevator pitch and tagline that unified their work and values concisely. The new logo was designed with three distinctly vibrant, solid colors to convey that the organization was focused on issues related to children. Different age groups were represented with human forms of varying size. Concentric circles representing water demonstrate that children are changed and empowered causing a ripple-effect in the communities where they themselves affect change.

Marketing Programs & Fund Development Campaigns

As an international NGO, HOPE has a diverse set of fund development opportunities. Our challenge was to identify fund development programs and/or campaigns that align closest with donor trends and to brand and promote these opportunities to existing and new donor bases. Programs and campaigns ranged from Emergency appeal fundraising campaigns, such as the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa or the Earthquake in Nepal. Annual campaigns, such as the 12 Days of Hope Christmas Campaign. Campaigns and programs were established to fit with donor trends and the most appropriate fund development tactics. With Sayvee’s assistance, HOPE has been able to raise funds for numerous projects with the focus of helping children at risk in more than 26 countries.

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