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DealerXchange is a flagship product developed by Sayvee to serve automotive and RV dealerships. DealerXchange is both a web-based software platform and Android App that provides a suite of tools for dealerships to manage and market their inventory quicker, cheaper, and with greater accuracy.

A Full Suite of Tools

As a provider of digital solutions for automotive and RV dealerships across Canada, DealerXchange’s backend platform is full of useful dealership tools. The public facing side of the website needed to explain the features and benefits of the platform for sales managers, general managers, and dealer principals who are notoriously short on time.

Sales and Marketing Integration

A significant aim of the public-facing DealerXchange website was to integrate inbound marketing resources and landing pages for outbound marketing that could capture prospective clients and drip email content to them based on their responses. Additionally, a CRM (Client Relationship Management) and Email Marketing tool were integrated to consolidate and track the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

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