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In order to celebrate their annual sale, Mike Rosman RV wanted to leverage digital marketing initiatives to create more of a buzz around the event while offering some sort of incentive that would appeal to their specific clientele.

The Idea

We chose a sweepstakes campaign because we wanted to maximize the amount of word of mouth we could generate. We also wanted a solid three weeks with which to run the contest so it would coincide, and peak, during the the dealership’s 29th Anniversary Sale. The concept we came up with was to leverage the dealership’s events trailer to giveaway a “staycation” at a local campground and resort. In return for fair cross-promotion, the resort agreed to provide a prime camping spot for an RV provided by Rosman RV.

The Campaign Structure and Goals

The dealership is family owned and has a number of loyal customers but they wanted to expand into a younger, family-focused demographic. A 35+ age range was established in order to hit young families along with grandparents who would want to take their children/grandchildren camping. Marketing was spread across social media channels, direct mail, and newspaper advertising so we could effectively spread the word to both target demographics.

The Results

The campaign was monitored every day for the duration of the campaign with a dedicated sweepstakes supervisor to respond to any questions, like comments, interact in a timely fashion, and analyze and reallocate advertising where necessary.

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