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As Hope for the Nations is a non-profit, the advertising budget is fairly low so the marketing reach is limited. In order to extend their donor base, HOPE was looking for alternatives to stretch their marketing dollars.

The Google Ad Grant Program

Google offers a grant program for non-profits that allows organizations to utilize Google AdWords to compliment marketing efforts. We took HOPE through the application process and were approved for a $10,000 per month ad spend grant for Google AdWords. We then went about building ad groups and researching the targeting and keywords we’d need to build out an effective campaign.

Ongoing Marketing Support

Sayvee continues to manage the Google AdWords account and grant in order to maximize the ad spend for HOPE. New ad groups are created for various national and international campaigns and projects to help raise funds to support HOPE’s work all over the world. After launching the AdWords account for HOPE, we immediately saw an 80% increase in web traffic over the previous year, over 100% increase in the amount of people visiting the site, and a 40% increase in the number of pages viewed.

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