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Sayvee is comprised of in-house industry professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

Together they form a team whose experience and expertise can make a considerable impact on your business growth.
We’ve actively been fueling the online presence of businesses for the better part of two decades. A business without marketing will grow stagnant over time. A lack of marketing or poorly executed marketing strategy can make or break a business. We add fuel to your brand and make it move. That’s what good marketing is all about.
Ask any of the businesses we’ve helped grow, and they’ll all tell you the same thing:
Sayvee makes a difference.

We’re real people who deliver real results, working tirelessly to ensure our services are providing a solid and measurable return on your marketing investment. In the end, you need the peace of mind that comes with clear results and trust that your marketing efforts are in good hands.

Our success is tied to your success

We’ll make sure you’re in the know at all times as to how your marketing strategy is planned and executed. When your business grows, we all win.

"Sayvee takes ownership of the project.
They see our vision and they're with us 100%."

Damien Burggraeve General Manager Tallus Ridge

“Sayvee has really helped us grow and I can’t help but reinforce that comment because what they’ve done for us in allowing us to gain new clients and new customers from a digital perspective has really been a success. It’s really quite astounding how much it’s helped us. Our lead generation now, because of Sayvee’s efforts, has over tripled for us and continues to grow.”
Ron Somers President, Phantom Screens Okanagan
“Sayvee has taken the time to learn about our business and deliver positive results. Their personable and knowledgeable team members promptly respond to requests and have creative suggestions. They answer questions in terms that are easy to understand and help us reach the goals we have set for our business.”

Jacquelyn Rosman General Manager, Mike Rosman RV

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Driving Results for
Your Business


Our customized marketing plans are geared to get you results that can be backed up with real data. We believe in complete transparency with the businesses we work with, providing feedback and optimization opportunities. Conversely, if something’s not working, we’re not afraid to tell you.

Making Your Marketing Budget Go Further

Our proven strategies ensure we’re making the best use of your marketing budget. We constantly make recommendations to optimize your marketing plan throughout the year so you’re getting the very best returns on your marketing investment.


Our robust reporting process focuses on the metrics that matter in order to grow your business. Our Monthly Marketing Report gives you access to see the results from your marketing strategy. We also review these reports with you (in person or via a recorded video recap) at an interval that suits your needs—whether monthly or quarterly—allowing you to make informed marketing decisions.

Full-Service Agency


There’s no need to go elsewhere or outsource particular services. Sayvee is a one-stop-shop providing the full suite of marketing services from brand strategy to SEO, to web development, and beyond. You name it, we’ve got an expert for that!

Knowledge / Expertise

Imagine having a team of professionals at your business’ fingertips? That’s what you’ll get with Sayvee. Every one of our team is a proven expert in their respective fields, bringing a level of professionalism and expertise that’s becoming rare in the marketing agency world.


You may have noticed the market changed a little this year. It’s those kinds of fluctuations that Sayvee is fully prepared for. Our marketing strategies are adaptable to market shifts and trends. While all our strategies are customized, we’re able to make changes as required to keep your business growth on an upward trend.


McKinley Beach is a master planned real estate development community located in Kelowna, BC. For the past 6 years, throughout the evolution of the brand, Sayvee has spearheaded numerous marketing efforts to increase sales and help grow the community with every new phase release.

See the Results for Yourself!


We believe there should be a sense of both comfort and value that comes with knowing your marketing strategy has been built by trained professionals and that your marketing plan is being executed by a team that knows what they’re doing.
Allow us to show you what growth potential could look like for your business when it’s backed by an expertly executed marketing strategy. If you’re looking for results, you’ve come to the right place.