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You’ve worked hard, put in the time, summoned a demon, bartered your soul, and finally someone visited your website. Maybe they even signed up for a service demo after you saved a kingdom from a civil war through an arranged marriage. However, if you want more people coming back to your site, you’ll have to do a little more work. Here are five steps you can take on your website (in no particular order) to get people coming back for more.

1. Ensure Your Website Has a Great User Experience

First off, does your website load quickly? If not, it needs to. People are quick to abandon websites that take too long to load. One way you can reduce your webpage’s load speed is using a tool to compress images. We frequently use TinyPNG for images, including photos within this very blog post. However, optimizing load times often requires poking about in the back end of your site and optimizing the code. So unless you know what you’re doing, get the help of a website developer or coder to improve your website load times professionally.

Some other opportunities where you can improve your site include creating clear, simple design throughout, and creating an easy to navigate website menu. Additional ways you can optimize for a better user experience include making clear calls to action, and placing your contact info, like phone number and email, in easy-to-find locations.

2. Link Your Site to All Your Social Media Channels


Most social media platforms have a dedicated section on your profile where you can link your website—if you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to link yours. While this is good, it’s not a bad idea to also mention your website in at least a couple social media posts per month. This is also handy for people interested in learning more about your business from your social media posts. The link is right there, making it easy for repeat visitors. Speaking of links, post blog content from your website to social media as well-wait, you haven’t been posting a blog? Ok then you definitely need to check out our next step . . .

3. Create and Post Blog Content Consistently

Do it, do it now and you’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. But actually, posting quality content to your website’s blog is a great way to get repeat visitors. Of course, you’ll need to post quality content consistently to do so.

Having a monthly schedule of what blogs you’re going to post and when they’re going to be posted can be super helpful and save you time as well. Another benefit of frequent blog posting is that Google looks favourably upon fresh content and can help rank your website higher in search results.

4. Incorporate Ways to Get Engagement on Your Site


People love social media for a variety of reasons: they can connect with friends and family (even over long distances), they can get updates and news about their interests, and they can watch videos of adorable puppies trying lemons for the first time—it’s all in one place.

While your website likely isn’t designed to be a social media channel, you can still give the opportunity for your users to easily engage with your content. Do your blog posts have share buttons to social media platforms? Do you have a dynamic feed on your site of daily social media posts? Do you have an account system that allows users to customize their profile to their liking? All of the aforementioned features can help attract repeat users to your site.

5. Give Them a Reason to Come Back With Your Calls to Action

Whether it’s a dollar store mug or the 10,000th pen you’ve got from an event, people love getting free stuff. Incorporate this into your website. While blogs are a great start, you can take them one step further by creating a monthly newsletter that is sent out with some of your recent blog posts. Maybe even add some exclusive content they wouldn’t been able to get otherwise. You could also create a white paper about a guide on something in your industry people can access by giving you their email. People are much more likely to come back if you continually update these offers from time to time as well, and they give people a great incentive to learn more about your business.

Getting people to your site can already be a challenge, don’t create a poor first impression by making it a bad experience for a user when they finally get there. Follow our tips and hopefully you’ll get people coming back for more of your sweet, sweet website goodness.

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