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Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders.” – Wikipedia (all hail Wikipedia!)


Companies rebrand all the time. Larger franchised companies tend to refresh their image every few years in order to stay top of mind and create a sense of ‘new’ about their organization, services, and products. It’s not uncommon. When brands don’t recognize the need to rebrand they’re often seen as stagnant and unable to change with the times. That sort of stone-aged methodology has seen a lot of brands fade into the ether. On the flipside, you don’t want to rebrand just for the sake of rebranding. So now comes the question, why did we make the decision to rebrand?

Here are the reasons in no particular order:

“Are You an Animation Company?”

Today, more than ever, ‘pixels’ are associated with animation and animated movies. While we love a good animation and pretty much everyone in our office has cried at the end of Toy Story 3, we’re not an animation company. However, due to our old name of Moving Pixel Productions, we were constantly mistaken for an animation company. This wasn’t an issue when we started back in the 90’s but with animation developing, particularly in the area of computer generated images (CGI), it became apparent that we were destined to be asked “Are You an Animation Company?” again and again.

When creating a brand identity, it’s important that your company name/logo is either transparent enough that it clearly states what you do, or it’s ambiguous and creative enough to leave the function of your business open for discussion. As we not only cater to a number of industries, but also offer a wide range of services, our brand identity needed to fall into the latter category.


Moving Pixel Productions was originally a digital extension of New Horizon Productions which primarily provided video services. When Moving Pixel became its own entity, the primary focus was first on hosting websites, and later on creating them. Since then, the services offered have expanded into the ground-up creation and development of websites, mobile applications and optimization, digital marketing, branding, and strategy.

As a company develops and evolves, often adapting with technological advancement and a natural progression of best practices, it sometimes makes sense to rebrand because the focus of the business have changed. Evolution means growth, and growth is good!

We’re All Grown Up!

There was a time when Moving Pixel Productions was just a few individuals, but since that time a long, long, long time ago, the company has grown to a diverse team of individuals with specific skill-sets. Today the Sayvee team is made up of a group of over ten people whose primary goal is to offer the most innovative, professional, and excellent services to our clients.

With the expansion of any team comes a certain amount of growth, not only in the services offered, but also in the combined experience of the team members. That sort of growth is something that should be celebrated and branded accordingly.

Practice What We Preach

Branding and strategy is one of the main services we offer making it only natural that, when it came time to look at our own branding, based on the reasons listed here, it was time to make the change. Our own rebrand comes with a sense of revitalization due to our own growth, but also due to the opportunity to refocus on what matters to us as a company: our clients.


There’s no single word that sums up the services we offer, and we’re okay with that. Chances are someone would have snapped up the name if there was such a word (probably Google). We wanted a name that could be interpreted in more than one way, that allowed for creative thinking, and at the same time could identify us as a unique brand. Two main thoughts were incorporated to create the name Sayvee.

We don’t just want to offer exceptional services, we want to help create savvy individuals who can operate on the forefront of this ever-expanding digital world. We want to enable the people we work with through knowledge and expertise, to recognize the opportunities in their own businesses and to work with us to improve what they do, whether it’s through branding, strategy, marketing, or web development.

The second thought behind the name was the ability to use it for messaging in our own marketing strategy. The ‘Say’ is to encourage people to communicate and the ‘vee’ embodies the messaging to our potential clients.

In our case, ‘vee’ could represent:

Value – We value you and your business
Visibility – We strive to increase your visibility and visibility
Venturesome – We encourage strategic risk taking and for the need to ‘be different’
Veracious – We communicate with honesty and truth, effectively creating lasting partnerships with the people we work alongside

As a company, these are just a few of the values we embrace and embody. Our rebrand represents a renewed commitment to our existing partners and to all our potential new clients. Our transition from Moving Pixel Productions to Sayvee represents our promise to you that as we endeavour to constantly evolve our own integrated digital strategies, that our perpetual goal is to constantly pass those skills and expertise to you, to the benefit of your company.

Welcome to Sayvee.

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