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Great writing takes a great writer to compose it—in the Sayvee office our great writer is Andrew Buckley, our Copywriter & Digital Content Curator. He manages client social media accounts, is our senior copywriter for client blogging, social media, and branding, and is our resident LinkedIn expert. In addition, Andrew often corresponds with clients to ensure they are satisfied with their marketing content and social media marketing (including Facebook marketing) in Kelowna.

He has been a part of the Sayvee team for just over four years and has worked hard to make Sayvee known as a company that puts quality in all the written marketing content we create. You’ll typically find him working from his “other office” (i.e. anywhere but the desk he’s assigned). He also brings a fun, joking attitude to the workplace that brightens the Sayvee office (well, on occasion).

So Andrew, why did you choose to work at Sayvee?

Sayvee offered a flexible work schedule and the opportunity to do something I love every single day, and get paid for it. Being able to write for a living, to tailor content to the needs of the client and/or project, and to work in a fun environment with a bunch of crazy people was very appealing to me.

In ten words or less can you describe your favourite part of your job?

Bagels, bagels, our team, bagels, a paycheck, bagels, writing, bagels.

If you could write your own job title for what you do here, what would it be?

Grand Admiral of Putting Words in the Right Order While Making Fun of My Coworkers

Alright now we get into the real questions. First up: if you were a type of tea, what would you be and why?

I’m British. Tea is a cultural institution of my very upbringing. I take offence to this question, sir! I challenge you to a duel! Pistols at dawn!

No holds barred, what would be your ideal appetizer?

The chicken lettuce wraps they serve at Cactus Club are a thing of beauty.

Surprise! The appetizer was a ruse and you’ve been challenged to a duel by a mysterious stranger, what would be your weapon of choice if it was a fight to the death?

I’m sorry, I’ll have to check my calendar. I already have a duel scheduled at dawn with whoever wrote the questions for this interview. Let’s see how that duel turns out and then I’ll have my people call your people, we can do lunch at the Cactus Club and figure it all out.

On a less challenging note what’s one of the top TV shows you’ve ever seen?

I’m currently repeat-binge-watching Brooklyn Nine Nine because it’s hilarious! But if I had to pick one that I think is a masterpiece of television that I could go back to watch over and over again, I’d have to say Game of Thrones.

If you had to be trapped in a movie universe, what film would you want to be trapped in?

It’s a horrible cliche-ridden answer, but the Harry Potter universe would be pretty fun. They travel by fireplace and have little elf slaves. Who wouldn’t love that?

What would you name your submarine if you had one?

I wouldn’t have one. I could think of few worse things than being stuck in a hollow metal tube, miles underwater, with a bunch of sweaty sailors. Each to their own though.

If you had the world’s attention for thirty seconds, what would you say?

I think it’s important that everyone should know fedora hats are a bad idea, and people should stop wearing them. Especially kids.

What’s the craziest/weirdest conversation you’ve ever had?

I’m married to a redhead, I have three kids under the age of 14, and I work with the Sayvee team 5 days a week. All I have are crazy/weird conversations. Outside of that, I met Andy Weir (author of The Martian) at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014. We stood in a hallway with a bunch of other people while he accused me of looking like Jayne from the TV show Firefly, and kept trying to convince me to buy a bonnet.

Let’s switch back to marketing, what’s one of your favourite ads you’ve seen?

There was an unused commercial for a European model of Ford called ‘Ka’ that was controversially hilarious and consequently never aired. I like when edgy humor is incorporated into ads. I feel it grabs people’s attention.

What’s one aspect of your job you’d like to see future developments for that would make it easier to do?

Content is truly key when it comes to marketing these days. As a consequence, the Sayvee office produces a metric ton of content every single year. If we could clone me, I feel it’d be useful to have a few more Andrews kicking around. One to write blogs, one to manage social media, one to handle the constant challenges to duels . . .  Of course, inevitably, we’d band together and take over the world. Maybe just having one of me is safer for humankind.

Thanks for taking the time to answer Andrew! Look forward in the coming months to more interviews with the simply spectacular, smiling, and savvy Sayvee team!

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Andrew Buckley

Andrew likes to write. And that's a good thing because he's good at it. He likes Canada, the UK, and of course, pop tarts.