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Creating marketing strategy, fulfilling needs, and generating results for our clients is a crucial responsibility. Part marketing strategist, part account manager, and part unicorn; Will Brandes is just that.
So, let’s get to know Will a bit better and understand what he does here at Sayvee.
How did you get here today? You can skip the whole part where you were conceived and born, and give us an idea of why here, why now?

Fast-forwarding through the terrible twos, family dinners, a lot of hockey, more goalie gear than I can account for, a couple speeding tickets, some beer with the boys…….. I began my ‘adult life’ believing that accounting was for me. I always enjoyed working with numbers, it was natural, so it seemed like an easy fit. Luckily, University programs often overlap in their class requirements, pushing me into a couple of marketing classes. 

I quickly learned that my natural ability with numbers and my genuine interest and passion for marketing were the best collision. Because marketing is such a broad topic, I decided to focus more on a niche market and dive into the digital and multimedia side of marketing through grad school.

Luckily fresh out of grad school, I landed an opportunity to work with some incredible brands and become part of the evolving marketing industry. During this position, much of my work overlapped with a sales professional. This opportunity exposed me to the sales side of marketing and the ability to work alongside real people and assist them in obtaining their marketing goals. 

It was an easy transition for me as I moved into a sales position that overlapped with content and creativity. This 360 approach helped clients fulfill their entire goals instead of individual tactics.

Most recently, I leaped to move across the country mid pandemic. I was looking for a lifestyle change; however, as our world would have it, I simply relocated from living in one shoebox condo (Toronto) to another shoebox condo (Kelowna). I was left looking for a job, trying to network in a new community that wasn’t allowed outside or interact with other humans. 

Thankfully the marketing industry did not go anywhere during the last couple of years, and I was eventually able to sell Sayvee on my sales and marketing skills to hire me and save me from the captivity of my condo. 

What does your day-to-day role entail?

As a Marketing Specialist, I am part of creating strategic marketing plans that our team executes. I help deliver and communicate the impact our marketing efforts have on our clients’ bottom line and help them overcome issues that pop up from time to time.  I am responsible for ensuring that our clients have a positive experience working with Sayvee. We are in the business of impacting our clients’ business; it just so happens we accomplish this by taking a deep dive into their marketing and finding opportunities for growth and overall success.

Why work with people? What is your favourite thing about working with people?
For me, it is about that connection and relationship I get to establish in truly helping businesses overcome challenges they are facing. Having that opportunity to make a personal connection and assist business owners in meeting their goals and being a part of their success is the highlight of working with clients. 

Photo: Will participating in a Mud-Run for Multiple Sclerosis for a colleague in 2015

What makes your position difficult? Or dare I ask?

It becomes difficult for my team and I to fully offer complete services if we only have a limited lens into a client’s business. Without full access and understanding to programs and methods utilized, it is challenging to implement new measurable initiatives without that whole picture. 

I want to be able to put on the uniform and be a part of their team. Sure, Sayvee employs me, but my motto is that I am an additional component of their team. This approach allows me to understand what they need. I believe clients are more than just a client; we are a partnership. Without that full transparency, it is difficult for me to provide the full benefits of what Sayvee can do for them.

What is your biggest success up to this point?

Combining personal with professional, I would say moving across the country to Kelowna and finding such a great company like Sayvee. 

Giving myself the freedom to challenge myself outside of what I was comfortable with to take a risk and find myself in this Marketing Specialist role. This position allows me to make real, meaningful connections with clients, combining my marketing education and passion. I couldn’t ask for a better fit after taking such a leap to transition to a new location. 

If you had to go back 10 years would you do anything differently?

Just pick up the phone Will! Make the connection. Communicate with people. Don’t hide behind email – once I opened the door beyond my keyboard, opportunities and meaningful connections began. I learned you can not grow without taking a risk. So what seems uncomfortable can become comfortable if you simply try. Pick up the phone and make the call.  That is the best way to connect with someone, get to know them, and grow your abilities.

What is the most enjoyable thing about your position?
Working alongside people and a variety of clients means that every day is different. At Sayvee, we offer an array of services, and pairing this with strategic thinking and generating results for our clients is rewarding in ensuring their business succeeds and grows. To see clients engaged and excited about the impact myself and Sayvee has on their business and on their bottom line is extremely gratifying.
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If you would like to chat with Will, ask him more questions about his life or how he can help your business set up a consultation where he can provide some strategic marketing advice then go ahead and reach out to us.

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