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Like, comment, share, subscribe, repost, tag—social media can get complicated fast, and each platform is often changing things up more often than an ADHD chameleon switching between camouflage. However, just because a social media platform exists, it doesn’t mean you’re actually required to have a presence on it. Some social media marketing platforms help more than others in Kelowna, and some aren’t even worth making a profile for. It also matters what you want to post—certain social media platforms can help rank your content above the rest if your product or service directly caters to that platform’s style and uniqueness.

We break down in the list below an overview of the platform, the reasons for being on each, who each platform caters to, and whether it’s worth your time.



If you haven’t heard of Facebook, you must’ve been living in a cave, under a rock, under an even bigger rock, for the last twenty years. In any case, Facebook is huge and it continues to engage people online. While it was primarily designed for people to connect with others, interact, and share their lives, it’s also become a huge classified marketplace in recent years for everything from furniture to fragrances. Facebook is also the most versatile out of all the social media platforms because of the broad nature of media you can post, and with easy ties to Instagram you can cross-post between the two to maximize your presence.

Reasons To Be On It:

  • It’s basically a requirement at this point. Just like how having a website is essential to success online, most people will search out your Facebook profile to see business reviews, contact info, and what social media content you post. Plus, it’s free to create accounts.
  • It’s also a great platform for companies because you can create a dedicated business page with all of your contact information, hours of operation, and location. Plus, you’re able to set up an inbox so people are able to ask questions and connect with you.
  • You can also set up ads to run on Facebook, making it attractive to organizations as a platform for social media marketing, including those in Kelowna.

Who It Caters To:

  • Basically every business works on Facebook, although companies that favour posting videos will likely see more significant results since Facebook now heavily caters toward showing videos over other types of content. Keep this in mind with your social media marketing efforts in Kelowna.

Worth Your Time?

  • Without question, showing that you have an active social media account on Facebook is one way to show customers you’re staying up-to-date with your online presence. You should definitely put effort into having a good profile on this platform.



While initially known as the site full of pictures of food at bad angles from users who considered themselves “photographers”, the platform has grown to be so much more. As aforementioned, Facebook offers easy cross-platform posting which can help grow your following much more quickly if you’re using Facebook and Instagram in tandem. It’s also jumped out in recent years as a platform for businesses; it’s not uncommon anymore for a company to have a link to their Instagram on their website as part of their social media marketing.

Reasons To Be On It:

  • Your brand is visual. Period.
  • If you have a particularly unique or fun workplace, Instagram can also be a place to share that. People like to see others having fun, and it also encourages others to think about working with your company in the future if you position your brand as one with a great workplace culture.
  • Live video is also taking off as internet speeds continue to improve, and Instagram offers it as a free feature to take advantage of. If your company is often at live events or trade fairs, this can be a great opportunity to show off your brand through Instagram.

Who It Caters To:

  • Clothing and makeup brands in particular have exploded with popularity on Instagram. So much so that Instagram has enabled users to put a “shop now” button on the bottom of their posts to get the exact product shown in the posted picture.

Worth Your Time?

  • It’s worth trying to see what sticks and what doesn’t. If your brand works well with lots of pictures this is a great platform for you. People also look for content here daily, so you’ll need to be able to upload at least one post per day. An up-to-date presence on Instagram with content and consistency is important since people can see how all your pictures look in a grid when they navigate to your page. Like Facebook, Instagram is slowly becoming a requirement for many businesses to have as part of their social media marketing. Keep in mind that Instagram is almost completely a mobile platform. That means unless you’re using third-party publishing software, you won’t be able to schedule future posts.

Social media is in an ever-changing state, by the time you’ve finished reading this there’s already probably another update in the works to at least one of the platforms on this list. While this is by no means a definitive guide, this should give you a good idea of where to start when it comes to investing your time into the right platform for your company.

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