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Facebook Marketplace isn’t just for personal vehicle listings. Automotive dealers are seeing a boost in sales and qualified leads from their Facebook ads. However, this year will change how that process looks. With Facebook’s new automotive dealer restrictions, you’ll have difficulty reaching your valuable pool of potential buyers.
How Facebook Marketplace Is Transforming Automotive Marketing in 2023

Facebook Marketplace isn’t just for personal vehicle listings. Automotive dealerships are seeing a boost in sales and qualified leads from their Facebook ads. However, this year will change how that process looks. With Facebook’s new automotive dealer restrictions, you’ll have difficulty reaching your valuable pool of potential buyers.

Before jumping ship and losing all your hard work, learn tips on saving your information and continue posting your inventory on this affecting automotive marketing channel.

Facebook Marketplace is a convenient platform for reaching millions of users
Benefits of Facebook Marketplace for Automotive Marketing

Facebook Automotive Marketplace has seen several changes since its conception, most notably its transition from a peer-to-peer platform to a merchant-to-customer platform. Now, businesses use it for fashion, tickets, real estate, and automotive listings.

Facebook Automotive Marketplace is quickly gaining popularity in the automotive industry because it protects buyers and offers new marketing opportunities for automotive dealers. Compared to sites like Craigslist, Facebook protects you and your buyers’ privacy and verifies each other’s profiles.

That’s why 78% of people shop for cars through social media.

Automotive dealers use the platform’s popularity for lead generation. The platform boasts 1.9 billion daily active users and 2.9 billion monthly active users. One well-placed ad can access this massive pool of potential buyers.

Listing and tracking vehicles on Facebook Marketplace are convenient and easy. You can see more extensive profiles for your followers and interested leads, which helps you customize your dealership services.

Then, when leads express interest but don’t buy, you don’t need to lose those leads. Lead generation for car dealers has never been easier with integrated Facebook Messenger to connect with leads in seconds. Timely connections increase your chances of converting lukewarm leads into loyal car buyers.

Automotive dealerships can no longer post inventory after January 30th, 2023
How Facebook Automotive Marketplace Is Changing

While Facebook Marketplace offers an automotive dealership the golden ticket to success, it does come with new challenges.

Facebook will terminate the ability to post Facebook Marketplace cars on a business page starting January 30th, 2023. Thankfully, Facebook still supports auto listings, but you must do it through a personal profile.

While the process is tedious, the rewards are immense.

Download your information and post your listings automatically through DrivingIt to continue reaching leads through Facebook Marketplace in 2023
4 Tips for Automotive Dealers to Master Facebook Marketplace

Do not let the changes to Facebook Marketplace discourage you because there’s a solution. These four tips will help you navigate the recent changes on Facebook Marketplace so you can continue generating leads and selling your inventory.

Tip 1: Save Your Current Listings

You’ll lose all your hard work when Facebook Marketplace eliminates dealer listings. So, download and save your current Facebook listings to save time when converting them to the new format.

Follow these steps to download your listings:

  • Go to your settings under the Settings & Privacy tab
  • Go to Your Facebook Information
  • Under Download Profile Information, click View
  • Check the boxes that apply to you
  • Click Create a File to begin the download
Tip 2: Automate Automotive Listing

The new format requires several additional steps when listing vehicles, which will take up valuable company time. But it doesn’t have to.

Automation does the heavy lifting for you to continue generating Facebook leads. When new inventory comes in, you will automatically see it listed on Facebook Marketplace so you don’t lose any valuable time.

DrivingIt is a complete toolkit for supporting Facebook automotive listings after January 30th. The service handles the heavy lifting so you can continue your current automotive sales processes.


Tip 3: Plan for Lead Generation

Once you have a posting, the leads will start coming in. However, if you don’t have a plan, you’ll lose those hard-earned leads before you can convert them.

Lead generation requires time and knowledge. You need to respond quickly before the lead loses interest. You must also provide valuable information that keeps the prospect returning.

The DrivingIt software has you covered here as well. Your lead qualification plan includes access to support. The support responds to lead inquiries on Facebook messenger. Then, it delivers those qualified leads directly to your CRM.

Tip 4: Set Up a Nurturing Campaign

Most of your leads won’t be ready to purchase a vehicle immediately. That’s where a nurturing campaign comes into play.

You don’t need to waste the leads you generate from the top or middle of the sales funnel. Instead, build a nurturing campaign. A nurturing campaign places the leads in an email drip campaign or similar strategy. Then, the lead receives relevant and timely information. The marketing content slowly warms them up to purchasing a vehicle by providing several customized options and removing any concerns.

Solve Your Facebook Automotive Marketplace Challenges

Allow DrivingIt to take the wheel in your Facebook marketing. The service automatically posts inventory and responds to leads, letting you focus on nurturing and converting your brimming sales pipeline of qualified leads.

While Facebook Marketplace is changing, you don’t have to.

Book a demo and keep your qualified Facebook Automotive Marketplace leads rolling in.

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