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Your brand is a valuable element of your business — not only does it define your business, it also directly contributes to the acquisition, retention, and loyalty of your clients. Not to mention content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing!

Speak to the Masses

Content that Connects With Your Audience

How do you reach your audience on their level? Content marketing lets you create a connection with the people who are looking for your business. Done right, content marketing should humanize your business and speak to your audience, displaying empathy, understanding their needs, and answering their questions.

True content marketing takes time and is ingrained into almost every facet of your marketing strategy in one way or another. From social media management to ad creation, web copy, and beyond. 

The really great news is that businesses that employ content marketing get as many as 6x more conversions than businesses that choose to ignore the value of content marketing.

Own Your Content

Empower Brand Loyalty for More Sales

Maybe you’ve connected with your audience on Instagram or through social media, or maybe you produce a regular blog. It’s not easy keeping those touch points with your audience consistent and it can take up a lot of your time. Fortunately, we know how to get the right eyeballs on your content, and engage people in a natural way that keeps your business top of mind. 

More importantly, we know how to leverage content marketing to stay ahead of your business needs. With our competitive content marketing services, we can give you an edge in your marketplace. It’s this all-important edge that will help your company get more valuable leads and clients—while also limiting the growth of your competitors. 

There are too many content marketing strategies to list, but here are just a few . . .

Email Marketing
& Automation

Nurture campaigns take full advantage of your sales funnel to constantly remarket and requalify leads, turning them into paying customers.

Social Media

A social media presence is an essential foundational cornerstone of any business in today’s marketplace. It’s also the perfect platform to communicate to potential customers and works seamlessly with PPC ad campaigns.

Video Production
& Photography

High quality videos that feature your product or service, your place of business, your employees and customers, go a long way to creating brand loyalty and can be utilized across multiple marketing channels for maximum effect. 

Images for your website, social media channels, advertising, newsletters, and more, need to be of the utmost quality to engage users and draw them in to what you’re selling.


Content that can be featured on your site and re-populated across social media and email campaigns can not only make you an authority in your niche industry, but can work alongside an SEO strategy to improve your search engine rankings and place you above the competition. 

Whether it be a media release to gain attention for your company or an SEO release designed to guide people to your business, a well crafted press release is worth its weight in words!

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We’ve used these 3 strategies time and time again to great success, dominating our client’s competitors, and helping them reach new heights with their business. Are you ready to multiply your sales and grow your business? Download our strategy guide today before your competitor does.

The Secret Sauce That Makes
All Your Marketing Efforts Come Together

Content marketing is specifically focussed on expanding your business market share and
increasing revenues. The goal is always to position your business as an industry-trusted source for
your niche market. That reputation, over time, comes with several benefits.
  • People Will Place More Trust in Your Company – Compelling content helps build trust early in the buying cycle.
  •  Good Content Encourages Sharing – High quality, high value content is naturally shared by your followers, and attracts the attention of your target audience. 
  • People Will Choose YOU – By becoming an industry trusted source, you’ll increase conversions. Quality content makes you the first choice for the buying public.

Just like climbing the ranking on the Google search page, it takes time and consistency to evolve your business into a recommended resource in your industry. This is why content marketing is an ongoing, long-term strategy. 

Fortunately, we’re very good at creating exceptionally high quality content for our clients.

"Sayvee takes ownership of the project.
They see our vision and they're with us 100%."

Damien Burggraeve General Manager Tallus Ridge

“Sayvee has really helped us grow and I can’t help but reinforce that comment because what they’ve done for us in allowing us to gain new clients and new customers from a digital perspective has really been a success. It’s really quite astounding how much it’s helped us. Our lead generation now, because of Sayvee’s efforts, has over tripled for us and continues to grow.”
Ron Somers President, Phantom Screens Okanagan
“Sayvee has taken the time to learn about our business and deliver positive results. Their personable and knowledgeable team members promptly respond to requests and have creative suggestions. They answer questions in terms that are easy to understand and help us reach the goals we have set for our business.”

Jacquelyn Rosman General Manager, Mike Rosman RV

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Content Marketing Q&A

The most frequently asked SEO questions answered by our experts.

 It comes down to two main factors – Exceptional Content and Consistency. By creating content that’s shareable and engaging, and posting on a regular basis to continue re-engaging your target audience, over time you’ll become an authority in your industry and stand out above all others.

They’re not the same thing, but they do crossover. Content marketing bleeds into almost every aspect of a marketing strategy be it social media content, ad copy, web copy, and more. While SEO is the implementation of a keyword strategy to improve your ranking in search engines, content marketing plays a large part as SEO keywords are artfully crafted into your web copy. The best SEO is the kind you don’t notice.

 Every company generates content in a very natural way, even though they often don’t notice it. Leveraging that content often requires an outside source, like a digital marketing agency, to identify pertinent content the business naturally generates and combines it with creative content within the niche industry. That content is then utilized across various channels and pushed out into the world for all to enjoy.

 It all comes down to your target audience. If your product or service appeals to the target audience of Tik Tok, then yes maybe that’s a platform to evaluate and add to the overall marketing strategy. This goes for any social media platform. While Facebook and Instagram own the lion’s share at this point, all platforms should be evaluated as a lead generation service or channel.

Content marketing creates a clear pathway to your business. It positions you as an authority in your niche area, and allows you to speak directly to your target audience. With authority comes placement at the top of your customer’s minds, which in turn creates leads for your business. Voila! 


It’s critical you choose a trusted and professional content marketing service provider
that truly knows their stuff, like Sayvee Creative!