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Bannister Automotive Group (BAG) is a family owned online auto dealership with virtual dealerships throughout BC and Alberta, Canada. Exuding family values within their business structure, BAG is working towards becoming one of Western Canada’s most well-known auto groups.

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The Bannister Automotive Group

Brand & Strategy

The Bannister Auto Group had been using multiple logo versions across all their dealerships with no clear consistency. Sayvee created a centralized logo that could be utilized for the Group and all its dealerships. The goal was to create an image that showed different vehicle types in a clear concise design that could be used regardless of the dealership location and inventory. The design team at Sayvee came up with a fantastic logo that ‘drove’ the goal home

Digital Marketing

DealerXchange is Sayvee’s sister company and deals primarily with inventory management, web design, and digital marketing for auto and RV Dealerships across Canada. The Bannister Auto Group utilizes DealerXchange in order to push inventory to all of their dealerships so they can easily and efficiently manage their inventory through a centralized site.

Website Development

The Bannister Auto Group is made up of a number of virtual dealerships but they had no central site for the group. In order to solve this problem, the Sayvee team produced a custom designed centralized group website in order to to create efficiencies for their digital marketing strategy and make a necessary update to their existing brand.

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