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Hope for the Nations is a boutique NGO that works in areas of trafficking, war, and poverty with children at risk in 25 countries. Operating since 1994, HOPE’s mission is to empower children at risk to become children of change.

The creative crew at Sayvee not only helped establish and grow our brand,
but they also set us up with a Google Ad Grant for monthly online advertising.
If you’re looking to grow your organization, whether it’s a non-profit,
or anything else at all, they can help!

Patricia Phillips, Director of Operations for Hope for the Nations

Brand & Strategy

The Sayvee team was brought onboard to rebrand Hope for the Nations in order to refresh the organization’s messaging and create a brand identity and guidelines that could grow along with the organization. An ideation was undertaken and a fresher, cleaner logo was created along with an established ‘tone’ and ‘voice’. Since that time, Sayvee has continued to brand new programs and initiatives for fundraising projects, events, and initiatives. The branding Sayvee created has been carried over to HOPE’s affiliated organizations all over the world.

Digital Marketing

In 2013, Sayvee began creating digital marketing solutions for HOPE and its programs. Social media accounts were built out and monthly content calendars were developed to help create awareness and share the organization’s work on a global scale. New campaigns are developed every year along with some recurring annual ones such as ‘The 12 Days of Hope’ Christmas Campaign. In 2016, the Sayvee team took HOPE through the qualification process for Google’s Ad Grant Program and now receives a monthly $10,000 grant for their Google AdWord Campaigns. Sayvee manages the account on HOPE’s behalf with a focus on the organization’s goals as well as specific campaign promotions.

Website Development

Sayvee has been instrumental in creating specific landing pages for various fundraising programs for HOPE. Every year, a number of projects receive a large-scale campaign that helps gather support and raise necessary funds in a short period of time. These pages receive their own set of branding and are executed alongside digital marketing efforts as part of a large-scale campaign. Due to the success of these pages, Sayvee has also been commissioned to redesign the HOPE website with a focus on launching in early 2017.

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