Website Overhaul – Urban Rec (Vancouver, Okanagan, Australia)

Website Overhaul – Urban Rec (Vancouver, Okanagan, Australia)


Urban Rec


Website Development

Urban Rec provides sports/recreational services in Canada and Australia. The website is the central hub for the entire organization providing the logistical and administrative tools necessary for the organization while being the front facing website for the public and the functional tool for members. When it was deemed time to change things up Sayvee was brought in for the overhaul.


The key with the Urban Rec website was addressing the needs of a variety of site users including administration, members, and the general public. The site being central to Urban Rec’s operations meant it needed to allow administrators to manage the day-to-day operations, financial and membership management, and enable administrators to communicate with each user group. In addition, the site needed to have a front-facing public side – showcasing the brand, it’s programs and feeds of available sports and leagues for people to sign up for. Once registered, a members-only backend with responsive layout for on-the-go members was created to allow members and captains to view and manage their team schedules, scores, and standings. With 20,000+ members, the transition needed to be seamless to avoid disrupting the leagues.


Due to Urban Rec’s growth in popularity, their original website became crowded as more and more pieces were added. The Sayvee design team came up with a modern, athletic design that promoted not only the sports side of the recreational sports league, but also the community and relational side to the organization. Sayvee introduced the concept of “I Play Because…” to emphasize the reasons why members had joined and continue to participate with actual testimonials highlighting both the sport and social side to the organization.
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