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What is Pay-Per-Call Marketing?

The internet has given us so many amazing things! Included among these highlights are the ability to easily access information about every topic ever, memes, adorable cat videos, Justin Bieber, and high-brow discussion in YouTube comments. Well okay, sometimes there’s good discussion. Okay fine, rarely is there any good discussion.

We’ve also seen a variety of digital marketing types become the new standard thanks to the internet. While there are many common marketing efforts like video ads, a unique one you may have never heard of could particularly help many people’s businesses. And it’s barely being used. We’re talking about pay-per-call. What is it? Well, let’s break it down.

The Issue You’re Probably Facing

Advertising can be expensive, especially for those running TV ads (which very few people listen to anyway, let’s be honest), and it’s important to get actionable results from your efforts to know the best steps moving forward. That’s why search engine marketing (SEM) is so popular. You get a wide variety of metrics from your ads, and you only pay when someone is interested enough to click on your search, video, or banner ad. Depending on your business though, you could be missing people who want to take action, like right now. Pay-per-click, the typical SEM method, works best when people want to learn a little more about your business before committing to an action. However, it misses the people who have time-sensitive needs, and want service immediately. How do you get to those people right away?

Pay-Per-Call Marketing: The Saviour You Didn’t Know Existed


Enter pay-per-call, stage right, walking briskly and confidently onto the digital marketing stage in Kelowna. How does it differ from pay-per-click? Well pay-per-click is just that, a click from an ad onto your website. A customer may convert from there, but they typically need to navigate your website to do so. Pay-per-call is a direct lead action. Once they click on an the ad, they’re immediately connected by phone to your business. And the best part? You only pay when people actually call.

Pay Per Call Mobile Marketing – Why It’s Great?

First off, Google is pushing mobile as the biggest platform, hard. It prioritizes sites that are optimized for mobile over others than aren’t in search results. That matters if you’re getting bumped to the second page of search results (a.k.a. the tumbleweed section of the internet) because you don’t have a mobile-optimized site. By setting up pay-per-call, you take advantage of Google’s algorithm trends toward mobile and you get leads directly to your phone. It’s a win-win. In addition, recent trends have shown people are increasingly using mobile to search the web over using desktop—pay-per-call naturally takes advantage of that. Plus, with our help in setting this up, you’ll know exactly which people are calling directly from your pay-per-call ads.

Pay Per Call Digital Marketing – Who Is It Best For?


Like all marketing, some forms works better than others depending on your business. While pay-per-call can be a great strategy for businesses in general, it works best for “immediate services.” What do we mean? Well essentially it works best for people who are typically going through some sort of crisis moment and need immediate help. Specifically businesses like towing companies, cleaning services, flood/fire/storm restoration, and so on work best for pay-per-call ads. Why? Because people want help and they want it as soon as possible from these businesses. There is little to no consideration for what company they specifically want it from, they just need it now.

Looking for Pay Per Call Companies? – Where We Come in

Sounds like a great service to take advantage of, right? That’s where Sayvee, a digital marketing agency in Kelowna, comes in, we can improve your number of leads through managing and implementing pay-per-call for your business. We offer monthly reporting, and a direct line of communication if you need to get in touch with us with any questions or concerns once it’s set up. If this sounds right for you, click the pay-per-call link to email a savvy Sayvee employee to learn more and get your company phone ringing off the hook!

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