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Kelowna, British Columbia – Sayvee Creative Inc., a leading provider of marketing solutions, announced today that it has acquired SHOUT Marketing Inc, a highly respected and client-focused marketing agency. This acquisition will greatly enhance Sayvee Creative’s ability to provide its clients with a wider range of services and expertise, making it an even stronger partner in helping them achieve their marketing and business goals.

"We are excited to welcome SHOUT Marketing clients to the Sayvee Creative family," said Steven Devries, Founder/CEO of Sayvee Creative. "Their team of experienced professionals, combined with our own, will provide our joint clients with the highest level of service and expertise in the industry."

SHOUT Marketing has built a reputation for delivering innovative and effective marketing solutions for its clients. The acquisition will see the two agencies come together to expand their combined service offerings and provide their clients with even more value.


"This acquisition represents a significant step forward in our company's growth and we are confident that our clients (both existing and new) will greatly benefit from the expanded services and expertise that we will be able to offer as a result," said Steven Devries, Founder/CEO of Sayvee Creative.


The acquisition has been negotiated and planned over the last several months with February 1, 2023 as the date the agreement comes into effect. Sayvee Creative plans to integrate SHOUT Marketing’s clients, operations, and team members as seamlessly as possible in the coming months.”


"We look forward to working closely with the team at Sayvee Creative and are excited about the opportunities that this change will bring for SHOUT Marketing clients," said Natasha Chilcott, Founder and CEO of SHOUT Marketing. "We are confident that this combination of talent and resources will help our clients achieve even greater success in the marketplace."


About Sayvee Creative 

Sayvee Creative is a leading and award-winning provider of marketing solutions, helping businesses achieve their marketing and business goals through data-driven insights and strategic thinking. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to delivering measurable results, Sayvee Creative is dedicated to helping its clients succeed.


About SHOUT Marketing 

SHOUT Marketing is a highly respected and client-focused marketing agency, known for delivering effective marketing solutions for its clients. Founded by Natasha Chilcott in 2017, the agency has a reputation for providing its clients with tailored marketing plans and personable service.


For more information about Sayvee Creative and the acquisition of SHOUT Marketing, please contact Josh Byron, General Manager at Sayvee Creative.



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Steven Devries

Founder/CEO, Sayvee Creative Inc. 

Natasha Chilcott

Founder/CEO, SHOUT Marketing Inc.

Incoming Director of Sales & Marketing, Sayvee Creative Inc.

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