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If you’ve found yourself on this page, it means you’re in need of guidance to help grow your business and generate more revenue.

Perhaps you’ve tried working with a marketing agency before and the results didn’t live up to your expectations. Or maybe you’ve already tried several marketing avenues yourself and you’re uncertain as to what’s working and what isn’t. 

The biggest mistake any business can make is to ignore the potential of a properly executed marketing strategy. People often get discouraged by poor results or a low return on marketing investment.

The problem is that our world is oversaturated with competing messages and offers. The challenge is to make sure YOUR message is front-and-center and top-of-mind when and where your potential customers are looking. Assume your competitors are also heavily into the marketing game and are constantly vying to steal your marketing share. Are you seeing your competitors ads more than your own? Are they ranking higher in Google search results? 

If you have doubts, then let us bring it to light.

Let’s Talk About You

Your company is likely faced with one or more of the following challenges standing in the way of your potential growth. These problems tend to take the focus away from letting you do what you’re good at — running your business and serving your customers.

You Need More Sales/Revenue

Due to the current global climate, it’s been more important (and challenging) than ever before to keep business growth on an upward trend. Businesses have found it difficult to shift with the trend and make necessary changes to stay profitable in an ever-changing marketplace.

Hard to Measure Return on
Marketing Investment

It can be difficult to clearly define the ROI of a marketing strategy. This makes it easier to view marketing as an expense rather than an investment that will benefit your business.

Time - There's Not Enough of It

You’re running a business. No matter whether you’re a small start up or a massive company with hundreds of employees, there’s often little or no time to invest into marketing. Let’s face it, you’re more interested in the results from marketing than actual marketing. And we don’t blame you—marketing tactics have a lot of moving parts.

Not All Marketing
Agencies Are Created Equal

Had a negative experience with a marketing agency in the past? A lot of agencies tend to provide over-inflated numbers or only show you what they know you’ll want to see, without showing a transparent view of the big picture.

"Sayvee takes ownership of the project.
They see our vision and they're with us 100%."

Damien Burggraeve General Manager Tallus Ridge

“Sayvee has really helped us grow and I can’t help but reinforce that comment because what they’ve done for us in allowing us to gain new clients and new customers from a digital perspective has really been a success. It’s really quite astounding how much it’s helped us. Our lead generation now, because of Sayvee’s efforts, has over tripled for us and continues to grow.”
Ron Somers President, Phantom Screens Okanagan
“Sayvee has taken the time to learn about our business and deliver positive results. Their personable and knowledgeable team members promptly respond to requests and have creative suggestions. They answer questions in terms that are easy to understand and help us reach the goals we have set for our business.”

Jacquelyn Rosman General Manager, Mike Rosman RV

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Strategically Market Your Business

We help businesses of all sizes to become the dominant authority in their industry by implementing customized marketing strategies designed to nurture growth and increase sales. Our professional team of experts will objectively examine your business and provide an inclusive marketing plan with services that are specifically customized to help achieve your business goals. 

We focus on garnering positive results backed by data that we share with you on a monthly basis through our transparent reporting dashboard that’s personalized to your company goals.

Still need convincing? We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to fuel their online presence and deliver a return on their marketing investment, helping boost business growth, and increasing sales. 

If what you’ve read so far resonates with you then you owe it to your business and to your own sanity to put your marketing in the hands of our experts and discover for yourself just how effective a properly formalized marketing strategy can be.