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Traditional Marketing

You may be a business looking for traditional marketing service or a person wanting to learn about traditional marketing.  This web page will help you understand several aspects of traditional marketing learnt by practical experience of a traditonal marketing agency in Kelowna, Canada.

In the rush to adopt Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing can often get sidelined, but don’t miss out on what could be a very strategic marketing move.

Compliment Your Online Efforts


Traditional marketing dominated the marketing industry until the digital evolution of online advertising became a more cost-effective way for companies to get the word out.
However, when you compliment your online efforts with traditional marketing techniques, you’re covering a much wider share of the market and getting your messaging in front of more of your targeted audience.
Brand Exposure & Local Audiences
Target your local market to gain exposure, and reach new audiences.
Traditional marketing methods can aid with brand exposure, garnering brand recognition and saturating local markets. These traditional methods can also aid in reaching new audiences as they are visible to thousands depending on media type.
Reach Your Audience Where They’re At

Marketing is about getting your message in front of your audience. You can’t market to someone who’s 55 the same way you would market to a millennial. Different demographics require different marketing techniques. Traditional marketing has its place in bridging that gap.

While we are by no means advocating a traditional marketing approach alone, it certainly has a place in your wider marketing strategy. By blending digital marketing techniques with traditional marketing methods, you’re able to hit a wider share of the marketplace.



Print is one of the oldest forms of advertising and today includes such traditional channels as magazines, newspapers, brochures, trade show displays, and other promotional print collateral.


The options for broadcasting have evolved beyond cable television and radio to the likes of podcasting and YouTube, but don’t discount the reach of traditional radio and television ads.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a great way to reach a more traditional market through the targeted delivery of physical postcards, catalogues, fliers, and more.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising such as billboards and transit signage play an important part in reaching a broader section of the market share and increase brand awareness.

Traditional Marketing Agency
at Your Fingertips

Many marketing agencies specialize in specific marketing services leaving marketing managers to source multiple agencies to complete their marketing plans. This can result in a disconnect between your marketing efforts and can sometimes result in a less cohesive and consistent messaging across marketing channels.
Our inhouse creative team combined with our team of marketing strategists makes any traditional marketing

campaign easy to complete. By investing in an all inclusive marketing agency, like Sayvee Creative, you can rest assured your marketing strategy is planned and executed in one place, enabling messaging to remain clear and consistent.

We are a marketing agency in Kelowna. Let our professional team handle your next campaign from conception to completion.

Case Study


With any marketing challenge, there is always a solution. In this case, the McKinley Beach brand, a master planned community development, had to evolve alongside the growth of the community. With that in mind, a full campaign rebrand was undertaken.




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We’ve used these 3 strategies time and time again to great success, dominating our client’s competitors, and helping them reach new heights with their business. Are you ready to multiply your sales and grow your business? Download our strategy guide today before your competitor does.

"Sayvee takes ownership of the project.
They see our vision and they're with us 100%."

Damien Burggraeve General Manager Tallus Ridge

“Sayvee has really helped us grow and I can’t help but reinforce that comment because what they’ve done for us in allowing us to gain new clients and new customers from a digital perspective has really been a success. It’s really quite astounding how much it’s helped us. Our lead generation now, because of Sayvee’s efforts, has over tripled for us and continues to grow.”
Ron Somers President, Phantom Screens Okanagan
“Sayvee has taken the time to learn about our business and deliver positive results. Their personable and knowledgeable team members promptly respond to requests and have creative suggestions. They answer questions in terms that are easy to understand and help us reach the goals we have set for our business.”

Jacquelyn Rosman General Manager, Mike Rosman RV

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Traditional Marketing Q&A

The most frequently asked Traditional Marketing questions answered by our experts.
No one marketing technique is stronger than another. Traditional marketing strategies and channels are the most effective when used to compliment digital marketing efforts as part of a larger, cohesive marketing strategy for your brand and business.
Traditional marketing allows you to reach specific demographics that are more inclined to react to traditional marketing assets. It compliments your existing digital marketing plan, and increases brand exposure, placing your product and service in front of more people.
Every business is different when it comes to determining what marketing tools are going to be the most effective. Whether it’s traditional or digital, our team would examine your business to determine the target audience and the best tools to drive sales for your product or service.
Absolutely not. In today’s day and age where everyone, including seniors, are on the internet in some capacity, it’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket. Marketing is a fluid form of reaching your target audience and there’s an entire toolbox full of tools to choose from. We create a custom marketing strategy that can certainly include traditional marketing if we believe it’ll be the best way to reach more paying customers for your business.

Add Traditional Marketing
to Your Strategy

It’s true that while we live in a digital world, many people often ask if it’s worth adding traditional marketing into the mix. The answer is, yes! Traditional marketing reaches particular demographics, on top of that it’s also fairly versatile in its placement allowing your company to be seen where digital advertising cannot.