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Home to the vast Okanagan Lake and nestled between three mountain ranges, Kelowna, BC has been drawing travelers and vacationers to its unique city for years. Not only are there several natural attractions to explore, but the city’s variety of entertainment and food is another reason so many have found it to be a frequent vacationing spot. So, what are some of the best restaurants in Kelowna, BC?

The Bonfire Restaurant

Although the term “best” might be subjective, most Kelowna residents can tell you that the Bonfire Restaurant is a local staple. Not only is the menu made up of dishes that include fresh ingredients from the Bonfire Culinary Garden, but getting a meal from the Bonfire Restaurant also includes a breathtaking view of the Okanagan Lake too.

Dosa Crepe Cafe

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and not necessarily looking to settle down for a heavy meal, the Dosa Crepe Cafe is a perfect choice. By blending South Indian dosa with the traditional French crepe, they’ve managed to create their own tasty delicacy that continually brings Kelowna residents and tourists alike back for more. Pair it with a steaming cup of coffee and a good book, and you’ve got the ideal start to your day.

Hansen’s Classic Pizza

For a more traditional vibe, you might want to check out Hansen’s Classic Pizza for some, well, pizza. Not to mention, if nothing on the menu seems appealing, you can always make your own pizza too. This cozy little place is timeless, and a familiar setting to those who call Kelowna home.

The Train Station Pub

Once upon a time, the Train Station in Kelowna was a center of communication, travel, and trade. Today, it’s a historic pub where people come to celebrate, connect and let off a little steam. Featuring a variety of craft beers and wines from local vineyards, the Train Station Pub is a must-see for history lovers and beer connoisseurs alike. Its location in downtown Kelowna puts it a great spot to relax after a long day of exploring and sight-seeing.

Bai Tong Thai Food Restaurant

Craving some authentic Thai food? In that case, Bai Tong Thai Food prides itself on being the most authentic Thai restaurant in the central Okanagan region. One of the biggest features of this place is their vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options which allow them to cater to everyone’s specific needs. Along with this, the restaurant’s blend of casual and fancier dining makes it a suitable option for whatever occasion you need.

Despite being a somewhat moderately sized city, there are no shortages of appetizing places to eat in Kelowna. Many of the city’s restaurants have chosen to use ingredients grown locally instead of getting imports, and this special feature has not only boosted the quality of the food but promoted community and connection in Kelowna. While this list highlights some of the standout best restaurants in Kelowna, BC, there’s plenty of options to choose from that will satisfy whatever craving you’re having. So, next time you’re in town, be sure to check one or a few of these notable restaurants–you won’t be disappointed.