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Sayvee was referred to GP Powersports by one of our clients. The new store opening in Grand Prairie needed a whole new website including a logo and a design that would appeal to their clientele of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Full Speed Ahead

The new site and logo needed to reflect the essence of power sports, the year-round seasons, and the high-octane sense of adventure that goes along with it. The logo design received a ‘grungy’ raw textured font style on black metallic checkerboard for that edgy sports appeal.


The website carried over the look of the logo with a functional and optimized design that showcased the products right on the home page and utilized specific messaging to reach the intended clientele. Experiential shots of riders and equipment were used throughout the site to showcase the excitement and high octane thrills of the industry. The result is an adrenaline-charged site that showcases the vehicles and gear and is optimized for mobile browsing while doing a Superman Seat Grab (if that’s your thing).

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