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While it can seem terrifying to put yourself out there online, we’re in an era where people spend 95% of their waking hours staring at a screen—so you can’t afford not to be. With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the main monsters of the online advertising world and how they’re really not that bad. Some of them you might even end up befriending and go on wonderful adventures together!

Building Frankenstein’s Website


If you’re transitioning to the online world, you need a website. End of story. This can be a big challenge since your website is often the first impression people get of your business, and so it also needs to be consistent with your branding. Set up it poorly and you’ll just turn people away. While there are plenty of website-builders online, you don’t want to end up with something that looks like Frankenstein if he was a website (ya know, all pieced together and not entirely alive).

Get the professional help of a graphic and web designer to achieve the design you’re hoping for and the functionality you want for forms and search tools. Marketing agencies that offer web design are an excellent choice to help you build a professional site. Plus, they can help you set up your site to easily be discoverable online through search engine optimization (SEO).

Out-Smarting Online Trolls


When you open our business up to the world of online marketing you’re exposing yourself to the best and worst people of the internet. Some people go online with the express purpose of bringing others down just to feel better about themselves. These people are commonly referred to as ‘trolls’, and unfortunately they’re everywhere (and still probably under some bridges too). This is why sometimes you’ll see companies with only a few blogs or social media posts; it can be intimidating knowing people are out there armed with the ability to write negative things about every piece of content you produce.

Thankfully, there are plenty of online tools to help you deal with trolls. For one, channels like Facebook and Instagram enable you to delete comments, report messages users send as spam, and even block users. This is true of most social media sites. These tools equip you to deal with people who are overly negative or complaining about requests or issues which are already resolved. Blog comments can also be moderated giving you further control over what people see.

However, it’s best to try and resolve legitimate criticism of content you post by personally responding to show you care about customer satisfaction. Only in the most extreme cases should you consider blocking or banning someone from your social media channel or website.

Metrics That Suck Like Vampires


A big concern for any company is that after all their money spent into marketing, they have little to no metrics to learn if their efforts were successful or not. If you haven’t already been exposed to the wealth of information you can get from advertising online, you’re in for a treat. You can track just about everything online to get an accurate picture of how people are engaging with your brand.

However, before starting any new marketing strategy, it’s important to know what metrics you want to receive. This could be leads, reach, social media followers, etc. The important thing is to define what those are beforehand. Doing so means you’re able to know how successful your campaign was and report on it accurately and succinctly.

Avoiding this means you’re driving a stake into the heart of your campaign and ensuring you spend more time investigating if it was a success or not.

Avoiding Werewolf Marketing Agencies In Disguise


If you just don’t have the time to manage your marketing online for your business and need some help, working with marketing agencies are a great choice. But beware, some companies can promise the world and then turn into a werewolf later and devour your money. That’s totally how werewolves work right? In any case, if you do decide to work with a marketing agency, you should find out several things.

Firstly, are they willing to communicate and be flexible to accommodate your needs and changes? Communication is especially important with marketing since, as we mentioned, the industry changes daily. Making sure your marketing plan is flexible and adaptable is important to the success of your advertising.

Second of all, is the marketing agency using a lot of technical terminology without explaining what any of it means? Do you feel more confused than before you met with them? Do they avoid answering questions and simply tell you not to worry about it? They may be hiding their werewolf side and you should consider using a different agency.

At Sayvee Creative, we make sure to communicate any proposed changes to campaigns to ensure our clients get the best results for their investment in us. We also educate our clients on their marketing to empower them to understand more about the processes and how each channel factors into their overall strategy and success (yes, this was a shameless plug).

Slay Your Marketing Demons Like Van Helsing


Overall, marketing online does come with its own challenges and “monsters” to defeat or manage, but the rewards are immense for doing so. You can reach people right when they’re searching for something they need, and enable them to contact you or even buy something almost instantly. Plus, you’re able to receive valuable metrics about your customer’s interactions that give you opportunities to grow your business more.

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