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Always adding a smile to our days working at Sayvee is our Office Administrator, Alicia! She’s responsible for a variety of office coordination including keeping our office files organized, our finances in order, and sending off all our marketing invoices and company billing at the end of the month. She also coordinates and buys all the birthday and party supplies when the Sayvee team parties it up. On top of all that, she also supplies the office with fresh bagels every Monday morning, so yeah, she’s basically our favourite co-worker.

We’re actually convinced she’s a Disney princess in disguise since she’s always calm, positive, and smiling. Rumour has it she wakes up singing every morning before being dressed with the assistance of woodland creatures. Alicia is typically finding new ways to make the office more organized and planning future changes to the office structure. You’ll most likely find her when she greets you coming into the office with a smile.

So Alicia, why did you choose to work at Sayvee?

After going to college for marketing, I was looking to make my start in the industry. I saw Sayvee as being a fun office to work at, based on their social media, and felt it would be a good fit for me. The administrative role matched my organizational skills and the finance duties were a skill I was looking to develop more.

In ten words or less can you describe your favourite part of your job?

Shopping with the company credit card of course!

If you could write your own job title for what you do here what would it be?

Vice President of Miscellaneous Stuff – I kind of do a little of everything to keep the office going.

Alright now we get into the real questions. First up: What secret or strange talent do you have most people wouldn’t expect?

Well, I would consider myself to be pretty musical, not a prodigy by any stretch, but good in my own way. A talent I’ve had since I was young was the ability to remember song lyrics really well. Both new and old songs I can listen to and remember the words—just don’t expect me to sing them.

What would be your ideal dinner and what would be the worst utensil to eat it with?

I am a huge pasta-lover so really any type of pasta dish would make me happy. I think just using a spoon and nothing else would be a terrible utensil to eat it with though, especially for pasta dishes with long noodles. I actually don’t think it would be possible to eat it before it went cold to be honest.

Surprise! The dinner was a ruse and you’ve been challenged to a duel by a mysterious stranger, what would be your weapon of choice if it was a fight to the death?

Although I’ve never seen a single Harry Potter movie, I’m going to guess some wizard magic would be a good way to mess with my opponent. I’d give ‘em the ‘ole ‘alley-oop’ and they would disappear making me the clear winner. Can you tell I’ve never seen the movies?

On a less challenging note, what’s one of the top five TV shows you’ve ever seen?

Such a hard question, I love watching TV shows! Not many people probably know this, but I’m obsessed with crime dramas or real crime shows. I have always really enjoyed Criminal Minds because you get to learn a lot about people’s behaviour, which I always find very interesting.

If you had to be trapped in a movie universe, what movie would you want to be trapped in?

I think the Pixar universe would be super fun to be trapped in! There’s an idea going around that all the Pixar movies are somehow taking place in an interconnected universe, so I think that would be really awesome to be a part of Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, etc.

What’s an accomplishment you are really proud of and why?

I’m most proud of finishing my Bachelor’s of Business Administration at Okanagan College. The program was challenging, but I learned a lot from my hands-on experience there. I’m proud of myself for working hard to get through some tough tests and even a few tough teachers.

If you were an emoji, which one would you be and why?

A bit of an odd question, but I’ll go with the freezing emoji because I’m always so cold in our office! I like warmth and get cold fairly quickly so you’ll often see me in my fuzzy shawl or putting hot water into a mug to keep my hands warm. The mug trick is great for when you’re at home as well, just saying.

What’s the craziest/weirdest conversation you’ve ever had?

One of my favourite pastimes is people-watching so I’ve definitely overheard my fair share of crazy and weird conversations. One that I heard recently was from two people walking behind me while downtown. The conversation was about a new guy one of them went on a dinner date with. The one friend who didn’t go on the date said, “Well if he couldn’t even pronounce quinoa the right way, I wonder what else he’s doing wrong.”

Let’s switch back to marketing, what’s one of your favourite ads you’ve seen?

I have been loving the commercial ads for Winners lately. The series is called Finders Keepers, and the commercials are designed to look like a new TV drama. I appreciate how they’re funny, clever, and are different from a typical ad for clothing.

What’s one aspect of your job you’d like to see future developments for that would make it easier?

It would be great to have software that could pull all the financial data that I monitor into one place in a simple chart or graph. From there, it would be great if you were able to easily make reports and projections. I’m sure something like that already exists and would be worth looking into.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, Alicia! Look forward in the coming months to more interviews with the smiling, smart, superb, and savvy Sayvee team!

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